Excited: Doctor Who fans were sent into a frenzy on Thursday afternoon, after the official trailer was finally released


Doctor Who trailer: Fans sent into a tailspin as Jodie Whittaker’s debut is teased with spaceships, THREE new companions and ‘aliens in Sheffield’… but some are baffled by ‘awful’ music

Doctor Who fans were sent into a frenzy on Thursday afternoon, after the official trailer was finally released.

Taking to Twitter in droves, fans proclaimed there was plenty to love about the minute-long preview, from glimpses of Jodie Whittaker’s debut to the three new companions she meets under the unexpected veil of ‘aliens in Sheffield.’

And while fans were quick to praise their first look at the show ahead of its October 7 return, others were quick to slam the choice of music as ‘awful,’ with Macklemore and Skylar Grey’s Glorious being the titular track.

In the trailer, we first see glimpses of a barred planet landscape with some form of spaceship parked in the middle of a desert, as Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor can be seen through a sandy mist.

The scene then cuts to a debate between two of her companions Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Yasmin (Mandip Gill), clearly proving that despite her happy-go-lucky persona The Doctor remains the one in charge.

Among a montage of fire, aliens and spaceship interiors, Bradley Walsh is seen in action as his character Graham, at one point setting off a detonator that causes a colossal explosion.

The trailer’s final moments are narrated by The Doctor herself, saying: ‘I’m just a traveller, sometimes I see things that need fixing. I do what I can.’

And in a poignant thanks to the fans endless campaigning for a female Doctor, the preview concludes with Jodie stepping into the light as she blows a kiss to the camera, as the text appears It’s About Time.