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Samsung Galaxy X Also Got Batteries That Can Be Folded

In addition to the screen, Samsung Galaxy X reportedly will also be equipped with a battery that can also be folded.

Samsung Galaxy X is still not announced, but will likely slide next year. The smartphone will use a folding screen panel, which is reportedly going into the mass production this summer if there is no problem.

The screen will be ready for the launch on Galaxy X in early 2019, but other components in the device should also carry a flexible design to allow for the overall flexibility of the smartphone.

Battery, for example. According to the latest source, will also be folded, and its capacity is between 3000mAh to 6000mAh.

Galaxy X is expected to have a large battery considering that the smartphone will have a 7.3-inch screen when opened and 4.5 inches when closed.

The folding battery is developed by Samsung SDI and will be V-shaped.

According to GSMArena, Galaxy X is likely to be introduced along with the launch of Galaxy S10. This folding Smartphone is expected to be priced at US $1,850 or approximately N670,000 in Nigeria.

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