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Dont kill the mood!! Here are the Best Things to Say (and NOT Say) During Love Making

Accelerate the mood during S3@.x:’ with a few well-chosen words, or bring S3@.x:’ to a crashing halt with ill-chosen words. Here are the things to say during S3@.x:’.

1494088191_175_ladies-see-the-11-things-that-will-make-a-man-break-up-with-you-on-the-spot Dont kill the mood!! Here are the Best Things to Say (and NOT Say) During Love Making

You’d think it would be easy to know the right things to say during S3@.x:’, right? A compliment here, an “ooohhh” and an “ahhhhhh” there, a few token statements of appreciation—fairly standard stuff, really.

However, there are those who really have no filter and consistently fail the Quality Control test between brain and mouth. Others, perhaps more understandably, kind of lose it during the passion of the moment, and half of the time don’t really think about or even mean what they’re saying.

The trick is to remember anything you say during S3@.x:’ has twice the power, and twice the ability to lift or destroy someone, as it does in normal life.

Things to say during S3@.x:’

Although losing yourself in the moment is a wonderful thing, and no one would deny you that pleasure, if you are a bit of a “blurter” maybe you could do with a little help from the following list. These 20 examples will help you manage things you say during S3@.x:’.

#1 Tell them how amazing they look. Getting [email protected] with someone, especially for the first time, can be really intimidating, making people doubly aware of all the imperfections you might normally hide under clothes. Because of this, it’s advisable to focus on those parts of their appearance you find particularly attractive.

Throw a compliment or two their way. This puts them at ease and sets you up for a much more pleasant and sensual experience.

#2 Tell them how good it is. Telling them how good the S3@.x:’ is, how much you’re enjoying it, not only lets them know they’re doing okay, it also relaxes everything a little. The more relaxed you both are, the better the S3@.x:’ will be.

#3 Tell them you love them. This applies, of course, to established couples rather than a one-night stand—unless your aim is to look like a stalker. Between a loving couple, these words take the whole thing to an entirely higher plane.

#4 May I?… If you’re planning to do something a little out of the ordinary, make sure you approach the subject first before diving in. Although in maybe a slightly less formal manner than the title suggests. Otherwise, you may end up ruining the mood.

#5 Moans and groans. Nothing suggests you’re enjoying the experience more than a few suggestive sounds. Let yourself relax, and your vocal chords find their own way of communicating

#6 Size matters. Men and women both love to be told their S3@.x:’ually intimate areas are a particularly good fit. Big for the guys, small for the gals. There’s nothing wrong with a little white lie on this front either. But be wary of giving the compliment if, due to being at an obvious physical disadvantage, it is an obvious lie. Otherwise it may be misconstrued as sarcasm.

#7 Their fantasies. If you know what their S3@.x:’ual fantasies are, then set the scene and paint a picture catering to them as you have S3@.x:’. This will absolutely blow their mind.

#8 How does that feel? Ask your S3@.x:’ual partner, although not too often, how something feels. This shows you are catering to their needs and will also keep the mood on track.

#9 I love your scent/taste. Sensuality is the key to enjoying good S3@.x:’, and showing them you appreciate them at such a deep-down, animalistic level, sets you up for an explosive finish. It also heads off any insecurities they may have about such things.

#10 Talk it down. When S3@.x:’ is finished, the conversation shouldn’t. This is the time for lots of sweet talk and some reminiscing about the recent events. Reinforcing the emotional and physical link you just established in a verbal manifestation.

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