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11 Ways You Can Get Your Girlfriend Interested in Watching P*rn with you

If you’re looking to liven up your S3@.x:’ life with your lady, and you think P@.rn is the answer, here are 11 slow and S3@.x:’y ways to get her interested!

spice-up-your-love-life-10-often-overlooked-love-making-moves-shell-love-in-bed 11 Ways You Can Get Your Girlfriend Interested in Watching P*rn with you

Most girls, when their significant other mentions watching P@.rn, turn up their nose and act disgusted. It’s an unfortunate reality, but that’s just how it is most of the time. For a lot of people out there, it can be a bit frustrating, if they want to kick-start the connection with their girlfriend by way of P@.rn.

P@.rn is a tool that can be used to liven up your S3@.x:’ life, but a lot of women just cast it off without a second thought. This leaves many men both upset and wary of asking again, for fear that they may upset their girlfriends further—and we all know that no one wants to deal with a cranky girlfriend.

Personally, I can see where some girls may have a hard time accepting that their significant others watch P@.rn—let alone actually enjoy it with their partner. Even if some women, including me, watch P@.rn from time to time, sharing that privacy with their significant other can be a challenge all on its own.

So how can you get your girlfriend interested in P@.rn?

There are many different steps you can take in order to pique your lady’s interest in the P@.rn world. While it can be scary at times, these tips can ease some of that fear and help you proceed with your goal.

#1 Ease into the idea. Don’t tell her mid-hookup that you guys should watch P@.rn. This is HUGE no-no. She will immediately dismiss the idea, and she may even dismiss you altogether! I can definitely understand that one.

Why? Because if you two are in the middle of some great foreplay and your thoughts are about P@.rn, she is definitely going to think that she’s not enough to get you going. Even if that was not how you meant it, if you ask her in the middle of anything physical, she will think this and you will be doomed.

#2 Mention it calmly in a neutral setting. Don’t slip her the idea while her friends are all over for a fun get-together, and don’t mention it to her when you’re trying to get her [email protected] Mention the idea as if it’s a passing thought when the two of you are alone.

That way, she will be intrigued to know more about why you want to, and she won’t feel like she’s being pushed up against a wall and forced to make a decision. If the two of you are just calmly hanging out and a P@.rn-like scene happens to pop up on a movie, make a comment about how it would be cool to try.

#3 Explain why it would mean a lot to you. Don’t start by saying how you want to make things more interesting in bed. She will quickly make the assumption that she’s not doing enough and that you’re bored—even if you just want to add something to your already-amazing S3@.x:’ life.

Explain that you love where things are, but maybe you can try something new—give it a little something that’ll take it from great to amazing! Just tell her what you’re thinking about it, and that it would be a great way to discover new things.

#4 Make her feel S3@.x:’y about it. If you really want to get your girl thinking about trying P@.rn with you, then tell her how attractive you think it is. By telling her that you think it would be really S3@.x:’y to watch her watching P@.rn, you’re taking the emphasis off the P@.rn and focusing it on her.

This will then make her want to please you, because really, what girl doesn’t want to be the most attractive thing in their significant other’s life? She will start to see watching P@.rn in a positive light, because it will make her look better in your eyes.

#5 Choose P@.rn that is meant for couples. If you got her to agree to try P@.rn, do NOT *and I repeat do NOT* start with a video that has 3 girls that are all young, hot, and in their prime. This will turn her off right away. No woman wants to be compared to one other woman, let alone 3 others that are [email protected] and stunning.

Start with something softer and more couple-oriented. Getting her to watch something that’s romantic and sultry will get her more interested in that type of P@.rn, but may also make her curious about the other types.

#6 Pay attention to her, too. I know it’s exciting to see different [email protected] women on screen, but you have a really amazing [email protected] woman right next to you in real life—appreciate her! If you’re paying too much attention to the video and not enough to her, she will get turned off and, quite frankly, insulted.

She agreed to watch P@.rn with you, not watch you watching P@.rn. That’s a quick way to make her feel inadequate.


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